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ARCHITECT INFO: Creative brickwork bonds
Creative brickwork bonds

Creative brickwork bonds

Both architect and builder usually spend a lot of time choosing the materials that determine a project's appearance. This is certainly the case for cladding, as this will set the tone for the entire building. The way the bricks are laid strongly influences the appearance of a brick façade. A thoughtfully chosen bond will add cachet and character to a project.

The stretcher bond is most frequently used, however, there are many different possibilities. Some examples.

Stack bond or stacked bond

This type of bond accentuates the vertical aspect of the brickwork. The bricklayer stacks the facing bricks one on top of the other, so that not only the horizontal bed joints are in a continuous line, but also the vertical butt joints.

Photo: Stack bond using Vandersanden Group ‘Morvan’ bricks

Creative brickwork bonds


Block bond

A combination of stretcher bond and stack bond. The bricklayer lays two layers in a stack bond; the next two layers are staggered by half a brick’s length.

Photo: Block bond using Vandersanden Group ‘Zwart Mangaan’ bricks

Block bond

Irregular bond

As the name suggests, this bond does not have a pattern. The bricklayer uses bricks of varying lengths, but no smaller than a ¼ brick. There is only one rule: the butt joints must not continue into the next layer of bricks, they must always be staggered. This bond is the preferred method when laying or gluing facing bricks with low dimensional stability characteristics. In the case of recovered bricks, sometimes you do not have a choice.

(Photo: Irregular bond using Vandersanden Group ‘Salvia Gesinteld’ bricks

Irregular bond


Header bond

All layers consist of headers only, which are laid in stretcher bond. You could combine the header bond with a traditional stretcher bond, for example, as a simple method to accommodate a curve in the wall.

Photo: Header bond using Vandersanden Group ‘Parma’ bricks

Header bond


No vertical head joints

By laying the facing bricks against each other, the head joints disappear and only the edge joint remains. This adds extra emphasis to the horizontal line patterns of the brickwork. This is an elegant method of extending the building visually.

(Photo: No vertical head joints using Vandersanden Group ‘Treviso’ bricks

No vertical head joints


▶ Decorative bonds

There are also brick bonds that are used as local decoration. These are not applied to the entire project, but added to achieve a special effect in a specific part of the façade or building. They offer a great variety of creative options.

A well-known example is the Brazilian bond.

Brazilian bond

The bricklayer stacks the facing bricks in such a way that there are empty spaces in between the bricks. Result: a spy-hole effect. An unexpected and elegant solution to allow the building behind to be partly visible and to let more light pass through.

Brick bonds encourage creativity. You can combine your own brick bonds to create a completely new bond.

Photo: Brazilian bond using Vandersanden Group ‘Quartis’ bricks

Brazilian bond



Architect’s service

The brick bonds described above are just a small sample of the range of brick bonds that can be created with bricks.

Bricks offer numerous creative opportunities to give your project a unique look and feel. Combinations are possible using brick bonds, or shapes, textures, colours… Anything is achievable. In our capacity as brick experts, we are happy to provide you with more information about the infinite possibilities. Also, we can show you some examples from our portfolio and together we can discuss how bricks can add value to your project.

Contact us

Request the complete architect's folder by e-mail from: info@vandersanden.com or call us on +32 89 51 01 40. You can also find our projects’ portfolio at www.vandersandengroup.com.


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