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ARCHITECT INFO: Belgisch designverlichtingsspecialist Kreon brengt nieuwe armaturen

Belgian Design Lighting manufacturer Kreon presents new luminaires
Kreon brilliantly starts year 2017 with a series of international awards for its Wabi, Diapason 80 and Fuga design luminaires.

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Fuga: Light as an abstract geometric language

Fuga is a pendant lighting fixture that reclaims the creativity of the architect to interact with the surrounding space. Combining the abstract geometric language of the single Fuga unit creates an independent, autonomous form – an object. With its slim profile dimensions and flexible product lay-out, a fascinating almost tragic tension between the closed, ceiling mounted and pendant, illuminated profiles is created. At the same time, a relational space develops between the object and architecture.

The lower horizontal bar includes an LED-strip with diffuser for a homogenous light output. This bar can be repositioned to an offset position or in the middle of the vertical bar. The additional possibility to rotate the lower horizontal bar makes Fuga a dynamic pendant luminaire.

Winner German Design Award 2017, category Excellent Product Design
More about fuga ►


Diapason re-invented

A quarter of a century after the design classic "Diapason" was launched by Kreon, the timeless piece in lighting design takes a turn for the future to meet today's requirements in modern LED technology.

Its characteristic design is distilled, without losing touch with its original strong form language derived from the elegant contours of a tuning-fork, nor by compromising its versatile gyroscopic principle. This allows the luminaire to tilt and rotate freely, in order to easily highlight architectural details.

Diapason is redesigned exclusively for LED lightsources and offers great flexibility to fit the needs of your project.


=> different colour temperatures and CRI characteristics will be available
=> light effect can be customised
=> 3 dimensions, Diapason 80, Diapason 40, Diapason 120
=> for a wide variety of applications in residential projects, hospitality and retail applications

Winner GOOD DESIGN Awards 2016, category Lighting

More about Diapason ►

Wabi: Compact architectural detail in the outdoor area

Wabi is an outdoor projector for residential projects. This small luminaire is available with a 230V LED lightsource, a 40° beamangle and a colour temperature of either 2700K or 3000K. An optional straight glare preventor can be ordered seperately.

The lamp head can be turned 360° and inclined up to 90°. The inclination of the luminaire can be set easily by using the marks indicated on the fixture and is lockable.

With the use of the optional installation accessories, this small luminaire is suitable for installation on a wide range of outdoor surfaces, like concrete, gravel and soil.

Winner GOOD DESIGN Awards 2016, category Lighting

More about Wabi ►


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Kreon is a family-owned business based in Belgium. Belux represents an ideal addition to the Belgian lighting expert and will enrich the company in many areas. Kreon plans to maintain the brand name, product strategy and orientation of Belux and will operate in the market with the dual brands Kreon and Belux.

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